Husband Gift
Husband Gift
Husband Gift
Husband Gift
Husband Gift

Husband Gift

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*** Please note prior to ordering***

*This is an unframed print, with mount attached which will fit a 10x8 frame
*I am based in the UK and mail can take 2-4 weeks to reach my overseas customers
*I will send a pic within 48 hours, but I cannot process/post your poem until you confirm you are happy with it

Looking for a unique gift for your other half to let him know just what a wonderful Husband he is?

I have written a few poems for him, a couple are below - but if these don't suit - please send me a message and I can show you others

I have shaped the poems by hand into a heart, but they are also available straight (as in the pic above for Mum) if you prefer and can be printed in any colour font, if you don’t see the colour you want on the listing, please just ask.

(These poems are also available for Wife, partner etc on another listing)

The poem is cut down to size with a mount so all you have to do is pop it into a (10x8) frame of your choice - it is then decorated with gems (you can choose not to have these but please let me know)

A picture will be sent to you prior to posting, to make sure you are 100% happy with it

I also offer a bespoke service

All copyrights are retained by Unique Words Jersey and cannot be reproduced without prior permission

Poem 1 : Family Tree

You are the one I adore and I want to say to you
I love you even more right now, than when we said “I do”
Every day that we share means so much to me
I love that we are building our very own family tree
So happy to know that I have you by my side
To help me when life’s journey becomes a bumpy ride
I may not always say it, but you bring joy to my life
You’re my soul mate and best friend
And I’m so proud to be your wife
I want to take the time to make sure you’re aware
Of just how much you’re loved and how deeply I do care
Sending you the biggest hug my arms could ever give
Because you make my world such a lovely place to live

Poem 2 : Angie + Brad

I love you, I love you, I love you like mad
A million times more than Angie loves Brad
You are just so perfect for me, from your head to your toes
And I’m ever so glad that it’s me that you chose
You’re a wonderful Husband, one I’d never swap
You couldn’t be more perfect than if I’d picked you from a shop
I love your gorgeous face and your sexy wiggly bum
I love the way you cheer me up whenever I am glum
Even now, when I see you my tummy sometimes flips
I want to grab you there and then and kiss you on the lips
You always make me laugh, pick me up when I am down
Life is so much better whenever you’re around
And for a special gift, I searched ‘til I was frantic
I wanted something perfect so you’d think I was romantic
But then I thought, hang on the best present there could be
It won’t need wrapping paper - what a gift
It’s me

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