Just Like a Dad - framed
Just Like a Dad - framed
Just Like a Dad - framed

Just Like a Dad - framed

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Personalised gift for a wonderful Stepdad on Father's Day or his Birthday
A 10x8 framed poem print in a heart shape - or straight if you prefer
framed prints only currently available in Jersey unframed version can be posted worldwide
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You’re just like a Dad
you are always there to lend a helping hand
never judging, always fair - you try your best to understand
you’re such a special person, that we’re grateful to know
and this   poem is   our way of   telling you so
you are Loving and Kind with a heart so warm and true
and we want to show appreciation for the wonderful things you do
These words are sent to show just how much we care
Each and every day, all throughout the year
There whenever we need you, expecting nothing in return
to listen & comfort us when we express concern
we want to show our gratitude for all the   Fabulous things you do
and so these two little words are sent from us – Thank You

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