Mum Gift for Mothers Day FRAMED
Mum Gift for Mothers Day FRAMED
Mum Gift for Mothers Day FRAMED
Mum Gift for Mothers Day FRAMED

Mum Gift for Mothers Day FRAMED

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Framed items only currently available in JERSEY


A 10x8 framed poem print in a heart shape - or straight if you prefer



* Please select your poem choice and style

* Then choose the colour of the poem

* Then, the choice of frame

* When you checkout, you can add any personalisation / information in "Message to  Seller"

* I will send a proof within 48 hours


Other Mum poems also available in 7x5 size:


Poem 1: End of the Line
I want to show my gratitude, lovely Mum of mine
For being there in times of need, on the other end of the line
When at the end of my tether and I need a good old moan
I know you’re there to listen I just have to pick up the phone
You know what to do and say to help me get it off my chest
You’re worth your weight in gold, as Mums go – you’re the best
You let me make mistakes and choose my own way to go
If things don’t go as planned you never say “I told you so”
I know you’re there for me and on you I can depend
You’re not just a Mum to me, you’re also a wonderful friend
If I could give you the world, there would be no hesitation
But, all I have is my love and untold appreciation
I’m so very lucky to have you and I know without a doubt
That I was first in the queue when Mums were given out

Poem 2– Stars and Back
When Mums were given out, I know that I was truly blessed
I’m really lucky to have you, quite simply you’re the best
Whenever I need you, you’ve always been there
Never one to judge, you are kind, loving and fair
I know throughout my life, there are many things I’ll see
And I am ever so grateful for you taking the journey with me
You cheer me up when I am down and put a smile on my face
Whenever I need a hug, I can count on your embrace
It would take me forever to thank you for all you do
You are such an amazing Mum and a wonderful friend too
For being the perfect Mum you really do have the knack
It’s no wonder why I love you to the stars and back

Poem 3 Brighter place
Mum you really make the world a much brighter place
Always there to lend a hand with a smile upon your face
I know not everyone is as lucky to have a Mum who is a friend
Someone who is always there and on whom I can depend
I am so fortunate to have you & a relationship so rare
and I wanted to let you know, just how much I really care
To start to try and thank you for all the wonderful things you’ve done
Would take until forever as you are such an amazing Mum
I am so glad you are my mum and i had to tell you so
You mean so much to me I just thought that you should know

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