Will you be my Bridesmaid
Will you be my Bridesmaid
Will you be my Bridesmaid
Will you be my Bridesmaid
Will you be my Bridesmaid

Will you be my Bridesmaid

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Will you be my Bridesmaid

*This is an unframed print, with mount attached which will fit a 7x5 frame
*I am based in the UK and mail can take 2-4 weeks to reach my overseas customers
*I will send a pic within 48 hours, but I cannot process/post your poem until you confirm you are happy with it

Are you looking for a way to ask someone special "Will you be my Bridesmaid / Maid of Honour?"
Here is the perfect solution

I have shaped the poems by hand into a heart, but they are also available "straight" if you prefer and can be printed in any colour font, if you don’t see the colour you want on the listing, please just ask. I can match your wedding colours if you wish

(I do have other poems if these aren't suitable)

All copyrights are retained by Unique Words Jersey and may not be reproduced without prior permission

Poem 1
You really are a limited edition
Of a true friend you are the definition
Whenever I need you I don’t have to ask twice
You are always there with a hug or advice
I’m so lucky to have you, you’re a big part of my life
And I want you there when I become a Wife
I need some help with dresses and shoes
And it’s obviously you that I would choose
I wanted something special and this is just my way
To ask you to be part of my wedding day

Will you be My Bridesmaid / Maid of honour?

Poem 2
To me you’re family, tho' - we don’t share blood
If I asked you to help me, I know you always would
I know if I needed you at my side’s where you’d be
As far as I’m concerned, you are on my Family Tree
On my wedding day, When I say “I do”
I want to make sure that I’m sharing it with you
And so my lovely friend, this is just my way
To ask you to be part of my special day

Will you be my Bridesmaid / Maid of honour?

© Unique Words Jersey

The poem can be personalised to make it even more special. It is then printed on lovely 250gsm white card and decorated with gems
(please state if you don’t want gems though)

The poem is cut down to size with a mount attached to finish it off - so all you have to do is pop it into a (7x5) frame of your choice or wrap it up and give as a gift so they can choose their own frame - I can supply a white envelope if you wish to give it as a card

A picture will be sent to you prior to posting, to make sure you are 100% happy

Please note that this is an unframed listing

Any questions please contact me, I will help all I can